Dr. William H. Lane is an education consultant, academic coach, advocate, and international speaker whose passion has always been improving the lives of those with special needs. He is a subject expert in verbal and non-verbal communication skills. His focus is on teaching successful communication strategies that can be utilized to overcome the obstacles individuals have interacting in social and academic settings.

As a former educator, he taught students with exceptional needs, worked as a school administrator, and served as a university program chair and professor teaching graduate and undergraduate special education courses. His strong demonstrated ability to produce tangible and positive outcomes through development, practice, utilization, and retention has led to them becoming confident and contributing members of the teaching profession.

As a consultant, he facilitates training programs to school districts and organizations. His professional development workshops provide teachers with evidence-based strategies and techniques focusing on each student’s unique learning needs.

As your child’s advocate, Dr. Lane knows that developing a meaningful and useful Individualized Education Program (IEP) is serious business. With your child’s education at stake, it is imperative that the IEP be creative, flexible, data-based and individualized to best meet your child’s unique educational needs. Bill will provide his specific special education expertise to assist school districts to develop your child’s learning potential by creating personalized materials and resources specific to his/her needs.

As a coach, he analyzes an individual’s performance and develops appropriate strategies for creating an environment that provides engaging school and social experiences.

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