After reading an initial draft of Stop Being invisible by Dr. William Lane I wish to share my experience and take of the book over the last month while I read it and implemented its lessons into by daily life.

As a self-described introvert I have tried for many years to become a better communicator. In my attempts to accomplish this I have read many books on the topic and have come to realize that like any other skill, becoming a better communicator can be achieved by practice. Stop Being Invisible by Dr. William Lane was different from many of the other books that I have read in the past in that it provided a workable program through its “opportunities sections” where I could stop, work things out and then reflect on my past, present and future interactions and how I could improve them. I was able to take the lessons from each chapter and then immediately put them to work in my daily life. Whether it be initiating small talk with a waitress or store clerk, to practicing active listening during every interaction I found myself, over the course of this book, becoming more effective and more comfortable in my interactions with others.

Dr. Phillip J. Louie

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. William Lane who was a Speaker at the Milestones National Autism Conference on June 14-15, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. As Conference Director, I have worked with hundreds of speakers. I will tell you it was a joy and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Bill.

Bill is a warm, friendly presenter who is easy to work with and very dedicated to his craft. He makes the audience feel welcomed and at ease. Bill has a hands-on presentation style with well-designed activities that actively involve the audience and naturally creates a fun and engaging way for learning to occur.

Bill’s session was overflowing! His topic of improving communication and socialization skills is of upmost importance to the autism community. Bill’s real-life examples make his content very relatable to attendees. He did an excellent job of fielding questions from the audience and had visual supports to reinforce his material.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lane for educational trainings and workshops! I know Milestones is looking forward to future presentations from this dynamic, energetic speaker.

Leslie Rotsky, Milestones Conference Director

An extremely well written book on communication. Great personal insights on communication issues and very understandable examples of various communications situations. The author gives examples of what worked for him working with students with communication issues as well as what worked for him dealing with his own communication issues. This book is great for educators who work with students with communication issues and for anyone who wants to improve their own communication skills. I very highly recommend this book.

William Messick, M.Ed, Special education teacher, Sussex Consortium

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